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We here at the NCA believe that Chess is an ideal tool for helping kids improve themselves. Studies have shown that kids who take up chess improve their test scores and tend to do well academically. Additionally, our years of experience have shown us that the principles of discipline, planning and understanding consequences that kids learn through Chess benefit their lives in other positive ways besides schoolwork. Chess has also been shown to help kids with behavioral issues. The kids may think they are just having fun, but we know that they learn a lot more than just how to play the world’s greatest game.

We currently offer free lessons for adults and children and adults.

Starting January, 2009 we will be hosting tournaments for all ages featuring USCF rated games.


Welcome to the National Chess Academy

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids and adults through Chess

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Please help the National Chess Academy continue to offer free tournaments and classes for children and adults. Our staff is all-volunteer and 100% of our funding comes from grants, donations or out of our own pocket.